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Showing Love One Kernel at A Time

Mama Lee’s Popcorn is not your ordinary popcorn company; this is due to the vision of its Poptastic, business savvy Owner, Christopher Sumner. Chris has a different and unique way of viewing things; he is a businessman like no other. When he decided to open his first shop in 2015, he knew he was on to something bigger than popcorn, something so explosive it would change the culture of the popcorn business, which is why he decided to open 4th of July weekend. Blessed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to give back to the community he so loves the first location was opened in the small, scenic and thriving community of downtown Elgin, IL.

Loving popcorn since childhood is what stems his passion for perfecting his craft. Memories of his mom making her homemade popcorn recipe and all the wonderful feelings that came with being alongside her in kitchen preparing the sweet smelling, delicious tasting popcorn became his inspiration.

The memories of the warm nurturing look only a mother can give as she drew from the excitement and anticipation in his face and her adoring, patient measured smile, made him light up inside and feel tremendously loved. Ohhhhh!!! The taste, He can still literally “Taste the Love” hence the slogan.

It was his mom’s recipe that inspired him, but being self-motivated and determined to be the best in the business is what led to expansion and his overall success. Inquisitive by nature and looking to push the boundaries, after he mastered his mother’s recipe, he began to explore and combine flavors that would explode in your mouth and give your taste buds a run for their money. Now with over 70 flavors and counting, Mama Lee’s has a Poptastic flavor that is aimed to please every popcorn coinsurer.

The vision for Mama Lee’s was to create a fun, colorful, warm and inviting atmosphere for all popcorn lovers who enters our shops. So, whether it’s, give a hug Wednesday, or thankful Thursday, Mama Lee’s is serving the community more than just popcorn. We just want to give love one kernel at a time by providing a Poptastic and memorable experience.

Chris is hands on at all shops, you can find him any given day chatting with people in the community or laughing with customers. He is always in a Poptastic mood which provides so many smiles. Its hard to be in a bad mood with him around. This is the culture he has built for Mama Lee’s and all team members follow suit. Mama Lee’s doesn’t just serve popcorn but also smiles.

Mama Lee’s Gourmet Popcorn currently has three locations, and is continuing to grow in the retail market, but our business doesn’t stop there. You can order any of our Poptastic flavors online, we specialize in events and you can also find us in wineries, breweries, casino’s airports and hotels!!!! As we continue to expand our retail locations and enter corporate arena’s Mama Lee’s still desires to be a part of the community.

We participate in local activities and we also offer fundraisers to help the children of the community reach their educational as well as extracurricular goals. Mama Lee’s popcorn has a passion for seeing children thrive which is why Chris has released his first book of the Popa-pop-a-lot series!!! That’s right!!! The desire to inspire children to follow their dreams, has led to the creation of Popa-Pop-a-lot, a fun character who loves popcorn, and loves to inspire and motivate children.

Mama Lee’s is a MBE certified company, but it is not just a popcorn company; it is an organization that is building a new culture in the popcorn world. A Poptastic Nation!!!! So, whether it’s individual customized orders, weddings, baby shower, party favors, bulk or corporate orders we want to be there to share in the moment and we go above and beyond to make every encounter, every experience, every taste, a “Poptastic “one.
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